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August 21 2018

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Wydaje się, że w mózgu istnieje całkiem szczególny obszar, który można by nazwać poetycką pamięcią i który rejestruje to, co nas urzekło, wzruszyło, co dało piękno naszemu życiu. 
— "Nieznośna lekkość bytu" (Milan Kundera)
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          Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall, New Zealand
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Sculptural Headdresses by Joshua Werber Transform Blossoms into Wearable Art

In addition to designing dramatic floral arrangements for vases, Joshua Werber uses an unusual substrate: his head. The Brooklyn-based designer’s ongoing series #FloralTeteATete focuses on just one or two flower types at a time. Using the blossom’s natural shapes, colors, and angles, Werber creates wearable sculptures which he then documents in unassuming selfies.

“#FloralTeteATete was initially intended to be a weekly artist’s practice, the goal of which was to motivate myself to create something, even when there is no specific inspiration,” Werber tells Colossal. “Just by being in action, the materials at hand begin to dictate the final product and the act of creation itself is inspiring.”

Werber has been sharing his weekly creations on Instagram since 2014, but of late has gained quite the following. Recent collaborations include the New York Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

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Eat Grzeski and fuck yourself with a Polish sausage!;-)
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